Space matters.

Make yours count.

From desk-level people counting
to portfolio-wide analytics,
Density has you covered.

See the magic of real-time,
anonymous people count.

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Build better spaces with Density
Build better spaces with Density

Space Utilization

Measure real-time utilization for any space,

from entire buildings down to the desk

and square foot.

People Counting

Count people as they move through

any entry point or space. Make safer,

more cost-effective decisions.


Give occupants the sense of security

and predictability they need to thrive

in your space.

Portfolio Management

See how your buildings and spaces

are used at scale —

all in a single dashboard.

Business intelligence for the built environment.
Real-time space availability
Scale to any space
Increase productivity

by Design

When considering sensor technology, it's important to ask, "What do your sensors see?"

Density's custom depth data is not only less invasive than a camera, it's more accurate.

The standard in

Anonymous by design means anonymous at source. Density cannot collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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